CameraTwin: The future of virtual cinematography is now in your pocket

Transform your smartphone into a versatile, tracked camera, to use in your virtual production with Unreal Engine 5. Eliminate the need for costly camera equipment and unleash your creative potential

Virtual Filming Redefined

An Innovative Solution for Modern Creators

Leveraging the capabilities of everyday smartphones alongside the formidable Unreal Engine 5, CameraTwin brings a budget-friendly, low-gear solution to the forefront of cinematic creativity. Our system enables a fully synced camera - a digital twin - within a wireless workflow, revolutionizing green screen and VFX or XR processes. Gain complete directing control right from your smartphone, streamlining your production with unparalleled ease. Engineered for simplicity for the beginner and precision for the pro, CameraTwin democratizes sophisticated virtual production for an extensive range of creators.


Craft compelling narratives with CameraTwin's suite of robust features. From total camera control to seamless Unreal Engine integration, discover tools to streamline your production workflows.

Wireless Streaming

CameraTwin provides real-time, synchronized image and pose inputs ensuring high-quality virtual cinematography, as well as matching all camera parameters of the real and virtual worlds, creating a full digital twin of your camera.

Stage Setup

Define a virtual boundary within your real studio that is then mirrored in Unreal Engine, providing a clear and intuitive indication of your virtual shooting area.

Quick Actions

Create custom, predefined events such as animations or transitions within your scene that you can manually trigger in the midst of a shoot, allowing you to make on-the-fly adjustments and never miss a beat.

Integrated Recording

Initiate a recording session while filming, capturing the video stream in high fidelity or encoded depending on your smartphone capabilities, along with all corresponding camera metadata.

Flexible Setup

Tracked vs. Untracked Mode

CameraTwin provides two distinct camera modes to fit your shooting needs. In Tracked Mode, experience the essence of dynamic filming, perfect for scenes that require movement. On the other hand, for detailed still shots you can bypass the limitations of ARCore & ARKit with Untracked Mode. gaining full control over your smartphone camera parameters and seamlessly mirroring them in Unreal Engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about CameraTwin and its integration with virtual production workflows. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out.

Virtual Productions refer to a broad set of techniques integrating real-time visual effects and digital backgrounds with live-action performances. It allows creators to visualize CGI elements interactively during the filming process, making it a powerful tool in modern filmmaking.

CameraTwin tracks the spatial location of your device, and streams synchronized camera video, position data, as well as all camera parameters in real time to compatible receivers. This allows you to create a virtual camera that perfectly mirrors your real camera perspective and colors, enabling you to capture dynamic, realistic compositions in your scenes.

Currently, CameraTwin is compatible with Android/iOS devices and Epic’s Unreal Engine (UE). To use CameraTwin, you will need an ARCore/ARKit enabled, high-end Android/iOS smartphone or tablet, and a computer with the latest Unreal Engine installed. Once you express interest, we'll send you an invitation email with the necessary download links and installation guides.

CameraTwin connects with Unreal Engine 5 via a dedicated plugin. This allows the transfer of high-resolution images, along with camera pose data provided by ARCore/ARKit, from your smartphone device to the Unreal Engine environment, enabling a real-time virtual production experience.

Besides an Android/iOS device and a computer with Unreal Engine installed, you’ll need a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router for optimal performance. Also, to take full advantage of CameraTwin's capabilities, a green screen setup in your recording space is recommended to take advantage of chroma keying techniques.

The Stage Setup in CameraTwin allows you to define a virtual boundary within your real environment. You set this up by placing points in your space, similar to how you place objects in augmented reality. This boundary is then mirrored in Unreal Engine, providing a clear and intuitive way to align your physical and virtual stage.

Quick Actions in CameraTwin enable you to manually trigger predefined events such as animations, transitions or effects within your Unreal Engine environment. These events are set up in the CameraTwin plugin and can be activated conveniently from the mobile application while you're in the midst of a shoot.

CameraTwin elevates your smartphone to a powerful virtual camera within Unreal Engine, versatile for both green screen and classic VFX workflows. This technology seamlessly merges real actors and props with virtual environments, and the reverse, blending virtual actors and props into real scenes. Whether integrating real foreground elements into virtual backdrops or adding virtual elements to real settings, CameraTwin enables a myriad of creative combinations. We're excited to see the innovative uses our creative community will discover. Tell us how you're harnessing CameraTwin's potential!